About ‘Mcnaught School – Gifted, 2e, Hfa & Aspergers’

The McNaught School for Gifted and High Functioning Autistic (HFA) children is a private micro-school where we celebrate the strengths of our children. McNaught students are provided with an individualized, integrated, inquiry-based and hands-on curriculum with social-emotional learning across all subject matters.

At McNaught we provide a space where parents know their children will grow with the help of exceptional teachers, specialists and tutors that are brought together to fulfill the educational and emotional needs of these divergent learners. McNaught children love being in the classroom, continuously question the world around them and never stop learning. They are understood and appreciated as unique, complex human beings who are engaged in the vital process of discovering themselves and the answers to their questions.

In addition to stimulating academics, we nurture positive social skills, emotional resiliency, respect for others and collaboration. We promote citizenship by fostering personal